Friday, March 7, 2014

Chinese formula for sinusitis treatment

Sinusitis can be cured with a new Chinese formula

Sinusitis can be cured, as medical community continues to develop new and better meds. For instance, Lu Yubin, an expert of oriental medicine and acupuncture, created a new formula Sinusolve to treat acute sinusitis. The new formula was published in June 2002 issue of The Journal of Chinese Medicine.

What is Sinusolve?

Sinusolve is based on traditional Chinese medicine (T.C.M.) principles. The new formula is an improvisation of the existing formulas such as Xin Yi San, Yin Qiao San, and Huo Dan Wan.

Yubin has taken into account various sinus related aspects that are generally neglected. For example, (1) heat accumulated in the gall bladder moves to the head and (2) toxic heat buildup in the nasopharynx trigger sinus disorders.

Does the formula use more than one herb group?

Sinusolve consists of five different types of herbs:
  1. Herbs that disperse gall bladder and liver heat
  2. Herbs used for toxic heat removal
  3. Herbs that free exogenous pathogens
  4. Herbs promoting blood flow
  5. Herbs used for dispersing lung-qi (In traditional Chinese medicine, “qi” refers to physiological functions)

How many herbs are used in the formula?

The formula uses the following ten herbs in different amounts.

How effective is the formula?

In view of good results during testing, Yubin believes that acute sinusitis can be cured with Sinusolve. Improvement generally begins within two-three days of administering the medicine.

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