Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sinus headache symptoms vary from those of cluster, migraine, and tension headaches

Sinus headache symptoms vary from those of cluster, migraine, and tension headaches

We have earlier compared sinus headache symptoms with that of cluster, migraine, and tension headaches in three separate articles. This article reviews causes, symptoms, occurrences, and other aspects of all the four disorders simultaneously for better understanding.

The above table clearly shows overlapping in various aspects of the headaches. So, do not self-diagnose, meet your doctor to understand the headache symptoms. If the doctor says that you have sinus headache symptoms, follow the prescription to treat your paranasal sinuses.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Four affordable packs for sinus headache relief

Four affordable masks, packs for sinus headache relief

A cold therapy reduces blood supply to an injured part of the body, reducing pain and swelling ascribed to inflammation and relieving discomfort. The cold therapy is generally indicated in case of arthritis, burns, muscle and joint injuries, sinus headaches, and back, neck, and post surgical pains.
Reusable hot and cold therapy masks and packs are readily available in the market. For instance, Bruder HeathCare Company, Carex Health Brands, and Southwest Technologies manufacture the affordable packs. These easy-to-use therapeutic packs are time-tested remedies for sinus headache relief. Four of these packs are reviewed in the article.

The Original Bed Buddy Cold Sinus Headache Mask, also called Thera-Med Sinus Pack, uses two-sided dual-temp technology and thus it can be placed directly on the body of the patient. The white side of the mask is used for the coldest therapy, whereas the blue side is used for coolest therapy. The mask provides four benefits: (1) reduces swelling of face, (2) relieves headaches, (3) resolves sinus pain, and (4) relaxes tired eyes.
The reusable mask, a product of Carex, is easy to use. Keep it in a freezer before applying to the body.
The Original Bed Buddy Hot and Cold Sinus Pack, a Carex product, offers moist heat with therapeutic benefits and relieves pain associated with migraine, paranasal sinus, and tension headaches. The light pack with flexible design can be used for both cold and hot therapies as a complement or substitute for over-the-counter (O.T.C.) medicines. The safe and reusable pack features natural grains.
While using the pack take the following precautions:
  • Avoid using convection function of microwave oven to heat the pack.
  • Avoid overheating the pack because excess heating may burn your skin.
  • If you have circulatory and nerve disorders, do not use the pack.
  • Do not use the pack if your skin is broken, damaged, and / or sensitive.

Elasto-Gel Hot / Cold Therapy Sinus Mask, manufactured by Southwest, reduces swelling and pain. The heat therapy relieves sinus congestion, headache, infection, pain, and pressure. The mask can also be used for cold therapy. Since it blocks out light, the mask doubles as a sleeping aid.
The mask also helps in healing bruises and providing comfort after eye surgery.

THERMALON Sinus Compress, a product from Bruder, is a moist heat mask. A twenty-minute therapy relieves pain for many hours. The compress (1) relieves sinus pressure, (2) clears nasal congestion, (3) resolves tension, and (4) ensures sinus headache relief.
Note: This article offers information about the sinus products available in the market but this is not a prescription. Please consult your doctor before using any medical product.