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How to treat sinusitis naturally

How to treat sinusitis naturally

Sinusitis can be treated naturally as described in folk medicines of various countries. This article discusses a few common herbs and formulas used in the traditional American, Chinese, and Fijian medicines.

American formulas

Three Spices Sinus Complex ™, a product by US-based Planetary Herbals, consists of dehydrated honey and the three pungent herbs, black pepper, long pepper, and ginger.  The herbal formula is administered to the patients suffering from sinus infections. The tablets are based on the age-old Indian Trikatu formula.
Perennial goldenrod or blue mountain tea (Solidago odora) plant has anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. The aromatic herb is a mild astringent.  The leaf tea resolves sinus congestion. Traditional American physician use the herb. A point to remember: A poisonous fungus may grow on some plants of goldenrod. These plants should not be collected and used for medicine.

Verbena (Verbena officinalis) with other herbs such as cowslip and elder may help in resolving acute and chronic sinusitis symptoms. However, the clinical evidences are insufficient.
Angel root (Angelica officinalis), a native to Europe, is popular for its essential oil in America. The tall angelica bears greenish white flowers. The herb formula increases stamina and strength. Our ancestors used it to protect themselves against various infections. The oil is a proven cure for paranasal infections and chronic respiratory disorders.

How to treat sinusitis with Chinese medicine

Try cang and / or ginseng.
Cang er zi (Xanthium sibiricum) reduces allergic rhinitis, phlegm, sinus headaches, and sinusitis when used with other herbs such as mulberry, lian qiao, and magnolia liliflora. Caution: A high dosage of cang reduces blood sugar level dramatically.
Ginseng or “the man plant” protects against sinus infections, colds, and fatigue. The herb has adaptogenic properties, which means ability to develop resistance to all negative influences. Tea or juice of the root enhances immunity.

How to treat sinusitis with Fijian herbs

Fijians use juices, decoctions, powders of different parts of the following herbs for sinus disorders:
Make a decoction of nawanawa’s (Cordia subcordata Lam.) leaf for treating sinusitis. The small tree bears orange flowers and edible yellow fruits.
Use yaro (Premna taitensis Schauer) bark decoction for clearing sinus infections. The small tree of yaro bears sweet-smelling flowers of white color. The leaf juice also relieves sinusitis and conjunctivitis symptoms.
Do consult your physician before trying any of the above herbs.

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