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Cyclamen extract is a nasal spray used for the relief of nasal congestion (blocked up feeling in your nose), nasal secretions, loss of smell and facial pain by clearing and draining the mucous secretions retained in sinuses (passages leading to the nose), nasal cavities and upper respiratory tract, providing fast symptom relief from the very first dose.
When you use cyclamen extract you will experience an intense discharge of dammed up secretions from the nose and paranasal cavities, which can last up to two hours. As a result, the headache or facial pain, which often accompanies nasal congestion, rapidly ceases. 
In cases of otitis media, the dammed up secretions are rapidly eliminated, resulting in a decrease of earache and recovery of hearing loss.


A lyophilized powder which is obtained from a natural extract of fresh tubers of Cyclamen europaeum L. 
There are neither artificial ingredients nor preservatives. 
A solvent (5 ml of water) is provided for reconstitution of the lyophilized powder.

Chemical composition and properties
Cyclamen is a member of the primrose family (Primulaceae) and it has been used medicinally since ancient times. As example, Theophrastus, in Ancient Greece (4th-3rd centuries BC), recommended inserting a mixture of cyclamen extract and honey into the nose for the treatment of nasal catarrh and headaches (“to clear the head”).
Nasodren® is an extract of Cyclamen europaeum L. that contains triterpenic saponins that acting as a local surfactant on the mucous membranes to promote the intranasal drainage of fluid from the sinuses through a physical mechanism. The superficial physical impact is converted into a change in electric potential by reversible stretching of the terminal axonal membrane. These events are closely similar to physiologic responses in stretch or tactile receptors elsewhere in the body.

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