Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cyclamen extract and acute rhinosinusitis aspect

Cyclamen extract and acute rhinosinusitis aspect

In acute rhinosinusitis, the nasal sinuses are blocked and significant inflammation is reported ; the mucosa is swollen and the exudate accumulates within the sinuses, causing mucopurulent secretions.
Cyclamen extract acts on the sinonasal mucosa , inducing a strong reflex secretion that rapidly leads to the discharge of abundant mucus. The retained seromucous secretions are expelled, thereby reducing or eliminating tissue congestion and oedema. Cyclamen extract effectively opens the nasal spaces, facilitating physiological drainage and clearing of the nasal cavities. With this treatment, the underlying cause of the rhinosinusitis is eradicated and the respirator y mucosa regenerates physiologicall y in just a few days. The treatment offers an extensive range of benefits and it is possible to prevent or even treat a serous otitis media by improving ventilation of the Eustachian tube and the middle meatus.

  • Cyclamen europaeum has been shown to be highly effective as a single-agent therapy in 56% of the patients treated for acute rhinosinusitis . All of these patients had a drainage orifice.

• In 21% of the patients, a partial blockage of the orifice associated with inflam - mation of the sinonasal mucosa was observed, for which systemic decongestants were prescribed.

•And in 23% of the patients, the blockage was complete . These patients had severe rhinosinusitis and required treatment with antibiotics .

• By the 10th day of treatment, a marked clinical recovery was observed.

Prof. Vasil Ivanovich Popovich

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