Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rinosinusitis alternative

Rinosinusitis alternative

Cyclamen extract it can be particularly useful in acute rhinosinusitis, acute exacerbations of chronic rhinosinusitis (provided that the­re are no obstructions in the meatus), sino­nasal postoperative care, and in acute and secretory otitis media.
With the addition to the treatment of products such as Cyclamen extract, a resource that has been known and studied for many centuries and whose formulation has now been standar­dised and clinically assessed, an important step has been taken towards the goal of con­trolling the symptoms of rhinosinusitis and even reversing its natural course, making it easier to cure. In recent years, a large number of studies have been published in medical li­terature that endorse its efficacy and safety and have also provided further insights into its mechanism of action and possible indica­tions in clinical practice.

 It is a natural product that facilitates phy­siological drainage of the sinuses and clean­sing of the nasal and paranasal cavities and middle ear. Antibiotics are not always necessary to treat acute rhinosinusitis. Hen­ce, the importance of distinguishing co­rrectly between viral and bacterial acute rhi­nosinusitis. 
The Cyclamen extract triggers the discharge of retained seromucous secretions, redu­cing/eliminating nasal congestion and tissue oedema (a direct osmotic effect, with the opening of cell pores). It effectively opens nasal spaces, facilitating physiological dra­inage of the sinuses and clearing the nasal and ear cavities.

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