Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Case experience

Case experience  with Cyclamen extract

This case concerns a girl we had been monitoring since she was 10 months old. She was currently 8 years old and had suffered multiple catarrhal conditions. She had undergone surgery on 3 occasions for adenoids and drainage. Her current condition was significant recurrent rhinosinusitis with mucopurulent secretions that had appeared repeatedly over these years and recurrent otitis.


 After administration of cyclamen extract there has been a significant decrease in the purulent secretions from the middle meatus that, until then, had not been cured in spite of multiple treatments with antibiotics, corticoids and mucolytics. At present, she is almost symptom-free.
The usual treatment schedule for cyclamen extract is 1 application per day in each nostril over a 7-day period. In the case we have described of this 8-year-old patient, we have applied 1 dose alternately in each nostril for 2 months. The symptoms improved rapidly but we decided to continue treatment in order to obtain the current outcome in which she is asymptomatic.
On the basis of the experience we are having, my opinion of treatment with cyclamen extract  is decidedly good. The results have been satisfactory in all patients to whom it has been given. I would point out its significant secretion draining power and the fact that within a short period of time, 7 days, the patient’s problem has been solved.

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