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15 facts that indicate sinusitis and otitis are related

15 facts that indicate sinusitis and otitis are related

Sinusitis and otitis are related because various reviews, research studies and clinical trials have highlighted the following similarities between the two:

  1. Cause of both is Streptococcus pneumonia, Staphylococcus aureus, Moraxella catarrhalis and Haemophilus influenza.
  2. An influenza virus infection may cause both the conditions.
  3. Children are prone to infections of the upper respiratory tract. These infections lead to bacterial problems like sinusitis and otitis media.
  4. Antibiotics are administered in both the conditions.
  5. Although action of azithromycin in treating acute infections of the upper respiratory tract is not completely understood, but the antibiotic is used in the treatment of acute cases of sinusitis and otitis media. In fact, these acute symptoms even resolve spontaneously, requiring no antibiotics.
  6. The studies found out that most of the otitis media and sinusitis infections are due to virus. Thus no need for antibiotics. Moreover, not all the cases of the bacterial infections require antibiotics.
  7. Evidence-based guidelines are in place for management and diagnosis of both the diseases to prevent excess usage of unnecessary medicines and reduce the treatment cost without compromising on the quality and effectiveness.
  8. The use of conjugate penumcoccal vaccine reduced occurrences of pneumococcal otitis media and acute bacterial rhino sinusitis. The pathogens have also changed. Read the full report Acute bacterial rhinosinusitis and otitis media: Changes in pathogenicity following widespread use of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine by Michael S. Benninger.
  9. Acute otitis media and acute bacterial rhino sinusitis are the infections of the respiratory tract. Both are quite common.
  10. Sinusitis as focal sepsis is one of the primary causes of continuous discharge in the patients suffering from chronic otitis media active mucosal disease
  11. The triad of recurrent bronchitis, sinusitis and otitis media is a syndrome that indicates a systemic problem.
  12. Both the disorders commonly occur in childhood.
  13. Otitis Media and Sinusitis in Children Role of Branhamella catarrhalis, the review by Bluestone, Charles D. stated that the recent clinical trials advise for an antibacterial therapy to treat these infections to avoid any complications. Read the review.
  14. Microbiology of acute bacterial sinusitis and acute otitis media is similar.
  15. In view of the above, there is no doubt that sinusitis and otitis are related. In fact, information available about acute otitis media treatment can be applied to the acute bacterial sinusitis treatment. Especially, this extrapolation could be useful in deciding the best antibacterial and antimicrobial therapy.

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