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9 patients who are benefited by inhaling steam

9 patients who are benefited by inhaling steam

Inhaling steam means to draw vapours or air into the lungs through the nose or mouth. The moist heat loosens congestion in the lungs, liquefying secretions. The steam also acts as an antiseptic in the respiratory passage. The patients of the following diseases will be benefited by inhaling steam:

The air passages (bronchi) and bronchial tubes (bronchioles) transport air between the lungs and windpipe. Bronchitis means inflammation and irritation of the membrane of the passages. A number of factors, such as allergies, bacteria, smoking and viruses trigger symptoms of the disease. The ailment could be acute or chronic. Steam inhalation moistens and soothes the irritation during acute condition.

Bronchiectasis is distortion and dilatation of the bronchi that may be due to recurrent infections or inflammation of the air passages and tubes. The damage to the lungs is irreversible. The symptoms of the disease include smelly breath, chronic cough, foul sputum, fatigue and paleness. The inhalation helps in clearing phlegm.

Common cold
Common cold, a self-limiting ailment, is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, throat, nose and sinuses. Steam inhalation relieves the mucus membrane’s inflammation and eases congestion, helping you in clearing the nose.

Cough, a natural reflex, clears the airways and protects the lungs. Cough removes irritants like mucus and smoke. But cough could be bad also. Excessive and abnormal cough leads to light-headedness, exhaustion and chest pain. Steam softens thick and stubborn mucus, giving relief from cough.

Lung abscess
A lung abscess, a rare disease, refers to the cavity in the lungs containing pus. Tuberculosis, pneumonia and other severe infections, fungal infections and tumour in the lung may create the abscess. The steam reduces the lung congestion.

Infections and inflammation of the paranasal sinuses (sinusitis) causes stuffiness and congestion, blocking the nose and sinuses. Inhale steam to resolve inflammation of the mucus membrane and ease the congestion.

Sore throat
Sore throat, a self-limiting disorder, means pain in throat due to a throat infection(s). The symptoms include general malaise, headache, fever, cough and hoarse voice. The steam resolves soreness and irritation in the throat.

Tracheotomy means opening the trachea surgically. The operation creates an airway between the trachea and anterior neck. After tracheotomy procedure, moist and warm air gives comfort.

Whooping cough
Contagious whooping cough or pertussis means violent uncontrollable coughing, making breathing difficult. This bacterial infection lasts for 42 days. The steam moistens the throat and resolves irritation. The inhalation with thyme, lavender, peppermint, rose and eucalyptus may help in easing the cough.

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