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Causes and complications of chronic sinus congestion

Causes and complications of chronic sinus congestion

Deadly ailments causing sinus infection and congestion include chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome, or chronic fatigue syndrome (C.F.I.D.S / C.F.S.), chronic lymphocyte leukemia (C.L.L.) and human immunodeficiency virus (H.I.V.). The unattended chronic sinus congestion may further predispose you to other diseases.

C.F.I.D.S. / C.F.S.

During C.F.I.D.S / C.F.S. secondary to the congestion, sinus infection travels into the blood channels and infects the blood (transient bacteremia), leading to fatigue. The patients feel excessively tired. They complain about severe sleep deficiency. The syndrome affects day-to-day routine. However, the symptom severity may vary from patient to patient.
Symptoms of C.F.S.

Abnormal changes in hair, skin and nails
Chronic sore throat
General malaise
Joint pains
Odd headaches
Poor concentration level
Rare case of fever
Regular muscle pains and aches
Short-term memory

C.L.L., the second most common form of leukemia in adult population, is a disease of bone marrow and blood. The leukemia worsens gradually with time.
In normal individuals, a blood stem cell matures into a lymphoid stem cell or myeloid stem cell. The lymphoid stem cell develops into three different types of white blood cells (lymphocytes): B, T and natural killer cells. These three cells protect against cancers, infections and viruses.
The myeloid stem cells mature into red blood and white blood cells, and platelets. These structures, for instance, enable oxygen carriage and protect against diseases and infections.

In C.L.L. patients, unusually large number of blood stem cells converts into abnormal lymphocytes. The space for healthy platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells, as a result, reduces, causing anemia, bleeding problems and infections.
Both chronic and acute sinusitis are common in the individuals suffering from C.L.L. Generally, there are no apparent symptoms of the disease. However, the following signs may indicate C.L.L.:

Weight loss for which you cannot figure out the cause
Infection and fever
Fullness or pain below the ribs
Excessive fatigue
Lymph node swelling in the groin, neck, stomach or underarm

H.I.V. destroys the cells (CD4 and T cells) that protect against infections and diseases, taking its toll on the human immune system. The virus is quite similar to the virus that causes common cold or flu. However, the cold and flu viruses leave your body after the appropriate treatment, but H.I.V. remains in the body.
More than 65% patients suffering from H.I.V. experience the congestion.  Sinus infection, cough and runny nose may reoccur frequently. Do not allow diseases, including the chronic sinus congestion , to linger for long. Consult a doctor and follow the prescription at the earliest.

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