Friday, August 24, 2012

Pelargonium sidoides-based natural remedies for sinusitis

Natural remedies for sinusitis change with a change in longitudes and latitudes. For instance, indigenous South African tribes use Pelargonium sidoides, whereas Americans use Elder. Pelargonium sidoides and / or drugs derived from the herb are also used in some parts of Europe. Today we will focus on the herb, which is also called kalwerbossie, rabassam, South African geranium and umckaloabo. The perennial plant with heart-shaped velvety leaves and mild aroma bears deep red-purple flowers during summer and spring.

The South Africans have been using the herb roots for various ailments of respiratory tract since ages. The herb relieves the symptoms by strengthening the immune system. A number of investigations also purported that the herb has anti-adhesive, antiviral and antibacterial properties. The results of some studies and trials conducted to evaluate the herb-based natural remedies for sinusitis follow:
Herbert Kolodziej in the article “Antimicorbial, Antiviral and Immunomodulatory Activity Studies of Pelargonium sidoides (EPs® 7630) in the Context of Health Promotion” published in Pharmaceuticals 2011 claimed that the herb has antibacterial properties of moderate level. Moreover, its antiviral capabilities may inhibit respiratory virus replication. Browse the complete article.
Donald Brown in his botanical profile of the herb “Pelargonium sidoides Extract (EPs 7630): Alternative Treatment of Acute Upper Respiratory Tract Infections” reviewed different studies conducted to assess the herb extract’s effect on both adults and children. The author stated that the extracts were effective and safe for the treatment of acute upper respiratory tract (URT) disorders. EPs 7630 reduced severity and length of sinusitis and other acute URT diseases. Read the full profile.

In 2009, Rhinology, the Journal of the International Rhinologic Society, published the results of the double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial to appraise the safety and efficacy of the herbal medicine for treating acute rhino sinusitis (ARS) mainly caused by bacteria. The report authors, Andreas Schapowal, Claus Bachert, Meinhard Kieser and Petra Funk, concluded that the medicine, referred to as EPs 7630, had superior efficacy to placebo. The well-tolerated medicine was safe. Anecdotal and observational statistics hinted that the herb facilitated sinusitis treatment. Read the full study.
The Cochrane Collaboration’s Cochrane Summaries published “Pelargonium sidoides (Umchaloabo) for treating acute respiratory tract infections” written by Antes G, Günther J, Kern WV, Rücker G, Motschall E and Timmer A in 2009. The authors reviewed the herb-based drug, sold in both liquid and tablet forms, positively for sinusitis treatment and some other respiratory infections. You can read the full article here.
A word of caution, do consult a doctor before using the herb and / or herbal medicines, as both have some serious adverse effects.

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  1. Hay tantos tipos diferentes de tratamientos de la sinusitis que son muy eficaces. A veces sufren de sinusitis debe mirar la causa subyacente de la sinusitis como, si usted tiene un problema dental entonces usted debe centrarse en que, más que el tratamiento de la sinusitis. También las vitaminas pueden ser la respuesta a sus problemas de muy sinusitis.