Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Garlic: a prescription for sinus disorders

Both private and public gardens are adorned with a variety of lilies because of the colorful flowers with faint fragrances. For instance, red-orange flowers of Asiatic lily, pure white blooms of spider lily and white and pink buds of milk and wine lily… Some plants of the lily family, such as garlic, also boast medicinal properties. The white or reddish bulblets of garlic bloom into green, white or pink color flowers.
Garlic, an aromatic compound bulb consisting of several separate cloves, is edible. The herb has been used as food and medicine for more than forty centuries. Edward E. Shook, a well-known herb scientist, summed up its properties in one sentence: “This lily is one of nature’s great masterpieces as a safe and certain remedy for many of man’ serious and devastating diseases.”
Botanists refer to the herb as Allium sativum. The herb’s active ingredient, allicin, not only helps in curing sinusitis but also prevents the symptoms. The ingredient offers quick relief from sinus congestion. Scientists have confirmed antibiotic properties of the herb during several studies. There are many ways to use the herb daily to make the most of its therapeutic properties. Such as
  1. If you have no aversion to the pungent taste and smell of garlic, add generous amount of garlic to your food, as the herb is one of the best natural sinus remedies. For instance, add garlic to chicken soup liberally.
  1. Alternately, you can consult your physician for an appropriate dose of Allimax and Allimed, garlic extracts containing allicin. Allimax and Allimed are sold as capsules, liquid and powder. Allimax has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties.
  1. A pouch filled with crushed garlic can be used around the neck of the patient suffering from hay fever to reduce the fever.

  1. In Russia, sunflower oil and garlic mixture is one of the popular natural sinus remedies. The mixture is rubbed on the chest of young patients.
  1. You may use the herb oil as nasal drops. Alternatively, drop the mixture of garlic, water and cider vinegar into the nostrils.

  1. A mixture of garlic juice and honey has analgesic and antibacterial properties. The mixture may help in treating sinusitis.
  1. Make a drink of ginger and garlic. Drink it and inhale steam of the drink to relieve sinus headache. The mixture of garlic and ginger may also thin the sinus mucous.

You may ask your granny for more time-tested natural sinus remedies based on garlic.

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