Friday, May 11, 2012

7 Important information in Rhinosinusitis that you should know

• We know, that in the long term a specific form of inflammation can cause asthma. So if you
have sinus disease, which is a severe form of inflammation, you will be more susceptible to
having asthma. Evidently, there is a clear need for more research, so we can have at least a
hypothesis, indicating the importance of treating chronic inflammation in sinusitis.
The primary problem that affects the quality of life of the patient is that they are unable to sleep,
or to concentrate, so their work performance drops and their social life also suffers. So, it is extremely clear that diseases that affect the sinuses, whether or not they become chronic, can have a major effect on daily life conditions.

• Antibiotics are only to be used in severe cases, which means if the disease is longer than 5 days
or more. Moreover, in Chronic Rhinosinusitis antibiotics are also used, as well as anti-NFkB
activity or anti-metalloproteins. The objective in the treatment of these diseases is mainly the anti-inflammatory component, restoring ventilation and drainage, especially in Chronic Rhinosinusitis, but also in Acute Rhinosinusitis, and opening the ostia.
• Since the Nasodren has been on the market, it has been administered for the treatment of Acute and Chronic Rhinosinusitis, based on the evidence of
two studies we have performed. The first study shows that Cyclamen extract
works as a Product that stimulates mucusdrainage, and even increases blood flow in the
nasal area. In the second study we saw how it stimulates the parasympathetic system, opening
the ostia and improving sinus drainage. The study group and the control group were using
typical antibiotics and Cyclamen extract. We showed that the results of the adjunct
treatment with Cyclamen extract significantly improved the Total Symptom Score
of the patient.
• It is important to be aware of, and pay special attention to, symptoms like rhinorrea or those
of nasal blockage in patients, as they could progress in to serious disease.
The use of Cyclamen extract , will probably be a good adjunct treatment of Acute
Rhinosinusitis to reinforce, or to stimulate, the natural defences, mainly improving clearance
or producing new antibacterial products from secretory glands that will help, combined with
other products, to reduce the duration of the disease.
Cyclamen extract can cure Acute Rhinosinusitis, so that when you stop the Acute
phase, there is no chronic stage.

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