Thursday, May 24, 2012

10 frequent Questions and Answer about Nasodren

  • What is Nasodren? What is the composition of Nasodren?
A cyclamen extract that gives a fast relief from rhinosinusitis symptoms
  • Why is Nasodren different?
The cyclamen extract activates natural/physiological pathways to clean and drain the nose and sinuses from accumulated mucus.
  • How does Nasodren work?
Nasodren it is not absorbed in the bloodstream, it acts activating natural/physiological pathways that are impaired during rhinosinusitis
  • Is Nasodren a saline solution?
No, the saline solution will only clean the mucus from the nose, Nasodren is a Cyclamen extract that cleans and drains mucus from the sinonasal area.
  • How many applications of Nasodren do I need to feel relieve?
After the 2nd day of application, symptoms as facial pain will be reduced significantly; the mucupurulent secretions will stop after the 4th day. We recommend you to use Nasodren daily during 8 to 10 days.
  • Does Nasodren work for chronic sinusitis?
Yes, of course
  • Is Nasodren an antibiotic?
No, Nasodren is from a natural extract of Cyclamen (a plant)
  • Does Nasodren work for cyst conditions?
  • Does Nasodren contain chemical substances?
No at all, the powder only contains Cyclamen extract after being lyophilized, a dehydration process, that you will mix with sterile water.
  • Can I be allergic to cyclamen?
  • Is Nasodren just a natural treatment?
Yes, Nasodren is a natural extract that will help your organism to clean and drain mucus in a natural way.

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