Monday, March 12, 2012



1.- It is a new therapy approach to treat Rhinosinusitis

2.- Plant extract based product with high scientific technologic background

3.- Alternative to over-used antibiotics - International trend to restrict antibiotics’ usage and increase awareness of antibiotics’ side effects and resistances

4.- Increased usage of plant extract based products by a certain part of the population

5.-  Unique & Multi-Action Product Profile

6.-  It is the treatment that has proved its efficacy - clinical evidence supported by Clinical Trials

7.-  Time taken to cure is short in Acute Rhinosinusitis (11.6 days) Nasodren versus Placebo (16.6 days)

8.-  Highly effective monotherapy or adjunctive therapy for Rhinosinusitis

9.-  Only one application per day

10.-  Rapid onset of action (2-3 min first signs  - reflex secretion within 15-20 min)

11.- Fast drainage of the sinuses (abundant rhinorrhoea 2-3 hours) Rapid    symptom improvement

12.- Short term treatment. The recommended duration is just 6-8 days

13.- Only one pack of medicine required for a complete course of treatment

14.- Can be used in children over 5 years old

15.- Cost containment in Acute Rhinosinusitis with Nasodren treatment

16.- It is safe, with mild, transient and local concomitant events (nasal burning and sneezing) and aligned with mechanism of action.

17.- No unexpected or serious adverse events observed in clinical trials

18.- Similar treatment discontinuation between placebo and Cyclamen in study

19.- Benefit/risk assessment is clearly positive



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