Friday, February 24, 2012

Why Nasodren is used just once a day

Why Nasodren is used just once a day

In the first two minutes, the morphological and functional changes that take place in the epithelium and stromal structures of the nasal cavity produce a prompt discharge from seromucous glands, almost immediate dehydration as well as a reduction of the oedematous state in the tissues. Shrinking of swollen mucosa and opening of the swollen ostiomeatal unit is also achieved. This product promotes the increase of mucociliary transport in the nasal cavity.

This stimulated secretion leads to an intense physiological drainage of the paranasal sinuses, resulting in a highly effective therapeutic outcome.
The duration of the alveolar gland cell secretory cycle is 15-16 hours, while that of the tubular-alveolar gland cells is 24 hours (this is the time required to accumulate and remove the secretion). Therefore, after 24 hours, the seromucous glands have recovered and commencemucus secretion in the paranasal sinuses once again. It means that Nasodren should be administered once per day.
(Piskunov. Viability of the indication and use of cyclamen extract in Clinical practice. 22nd Congress of ERS & 27th ISIAN Crete. Greece. 15-19 June 2008).

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