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Treatment for Sinus Pain

Treatment for Sinus Pain

Pain in the sinuses could cause distraction and huge discomfort, so do not ignore it. Choose an appropriate treatment to recover fast. Here is a glimpse of possible treatments.

Over-the-Counter Medications

Several over-the-counter (OTC) medications are available to treat pain-sinus. Generally, OTCs are a combination of a decongestant and painkiller or an antihistamine and a painkiller. OTCs, sold in different forms, are administered to relieve the pain, minimize chances of complications, reduce nasal congestion and clear up the nasal passages. Take medicines that kill bacteria causing pain-sinus.


Homeopathy also offers safe options to alleviate pain-sinus. Burning and throbbing pain in the sinus can be treated with arsenicum album. The pain that extends to the teeth can be healed with mercurius. However, consult a qualified homeopathy doctor before administering these medicines.


In some cases, different relaxation techniques may reduce the pain. For instance, meditation, hypnotherapy, yoga, deep breathing and guided imagery methods will help in relaxing.


Dry mucus in the sinus passages and the nose create crusts, hindering the drainage and causing congestion, which is a source of pain. Moisten your nose by increasing humidity. Steamy showers, hot liquids, humidifiers and avoiding dry and cold air will help in retaining moisture and increasing humidity.

CranioSacral Therapy

Basic concept of the therapy is that an experienced therapist can identify patterns within the body with a light touch and release and relax the tissues. This non-invasive therapy can be used to relax tissues around the nasal and facial bones, relieving the associated pain.


Surgery may be the option if pain is due to structural deformities and growth of polyps that block the nasal passages.

Other Therapies

Nasal irrigation with homemade or OTC saline opens up your nasal passages, relieving the pain.

Use cold and hot compresses alternatively to dissolve the crusts, reducing pain.

 In some cases, spicy foods help in opening the blocked passages.

Continuous humming may also relieve the pain in some cases, as it improves airflow to the sinuses.

Aromatherapy with eucalyptus or peppermint may help in reducing the pain.

Last but not least, avoid all those agents that cause the pain. The agents, for instance, include bacteria, viruses and allergens.

When to Seek Medical Help

 If the pain is accompanied by a feeling of sickness, confused behavior, high fever and swelling or redness of the forehead, cheeks or area around the eyes, consult your doctor.

If pain persists even after using painkillers and nasal wash for a day, visit doctor.

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