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Tips for Nasal Irrigation

Tips for Nasal Irrigation

Nasal irrigation, nasal wash or nasal douche, probably an Ayurvedic practice, uses saline to rinse the nasal cavity and treats colds, sinus disorders and nasal allergies. A neti pot, a specially designed container, is used for nasal wash. Regular nasal irrigation using a neti pot is more beneficial than the over-the-counter drugs. The pots are available in stainless steel, molded plastic and ceramic. However, steel pots are expensive. Fill the pot with over-the-counter saline nasal solution or warm salty water. Place the pot’s spout in the nostril and pour the water into the nostril. Repeat the process for both the nostrils.

While pouring water into the nostril, breathe through mouth. The water will come out from other nostril. After it drains fully, exhale and clean your nose with tissue.

Thoroughly clean the pot after every use.

Do not use extremely hot or cold water for the irrigation.

Generally, one pint of lukewarm water is mixed with one teaspoon of salt to make saline for the pot. Sinus Rinse systems are also available in the market.

Tilt the head at about 45 degree while using the pot.

Do not put too much of pressure to pour water inside the nostril. Be gentle.

Daily make fresh solution.

Some times saline may reach your throat, you can spit it.

In rare case, the nose may bleed or a feeling of stinging and irritation may occur.

Neti pot thins the mucus and thereby flushing out is easier.

You may consult your physician before using the pot.

If you do the wash vigorously, it may cause ear pain or gagging.

Initially you may not found it as easy as using a nasal spray or taking a pill. But, with little effort and practice, you will be comfortable with the pot. Various studies have confirmed that the nasal irrigation reduces the sinus infection symptoms.

A bulb syringe is used for nasal irrigation in babies.

The irrigation removes congestion and reduces pressure and pain in the face. Regular nasal wash can reduce the usage of nasal sprays and antibiotics. Nasal douche removes debris and excess mucus from the sinuses and the nose. Nasal wash clears up the nasal passages when polyps develop or crusts form and block the nose.

The wash used with standard medication can be very useful in treating the sinus disorders. Nasal wash may also give relief to chronic sinusitis patient.

Saline enhances speed of cilia movement and cilia coordination that enable removal of allergens, bacteria and other substances causing the sinus diseases.

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