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Prevention of Headaches-sinus

Prevention of Headaches-sinus

Headaches-sinus is associated with sinus disorders. The headaches are generally accompanied by other sinus congestion symptoms. To prevent and reduce chances of the headaches-sinus, do the following:
Avoid smoking.
Ensure that you do not catch respiratory infections, colds and influenza. Good hygiene habits protect against these ailments. If you suffer from these disorders, visit the doctor for quick and reliable treatment. Avoid contact with people suffering from these contagious diseases.  Reduce stress and live active life to strengthen your immune system, so you do not catch infectious diseases. Balanced diet and regular exercise will strengthen your immune system.

Avoid exposure to allergens that trigger sinusitis symptoms and associated headaches. Treat all allergies in timely manner as allergies may cause swelling of the sinuses and result in headaches. In case of severe allergies, consult the doctor and follow the prescription.
Avoid strong gases, dust, fumes and odors as they lead to irritation and may cause headaches.
Drink enough fluids and keep body hydrated. Fluids will thin the mucus, allowing proper drainage of the mucus and ensuring clear sinuses, as congested sinuses are prone to infection that cause headaches.
Breathe in humidified air at work and home, because ample moisture in the air prevents sinusitis. However, excessive use of humidifiers is not good, as high humidity may encourage growth of dust mites.
A hot shower or bath increase humidity and steam opens up your sinus cavities. The clean sinuses are less prone to pain.
Keep your sinuses healthy. Wash your hands with water and soap often to avoid catching infections of upper respiratory system that may cause sinusitis. Avoid irritants causing swelling of the sinus membrane. Washing hands will prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading. Wash the hands after touching someone. Do not shake hands. Sneeze and cough into the crook of your arm instead of the hand. Public doorknobs and telephones are storehouse of germs, so washing hands after using them is necessary.
Since dairy products may thicken mucus, reduce the intake of the products.
You may take over-the-counter painkillers that generally subside the sinus pain.
In case of stubborn sinusitis, surgery may relieve the symptoms and prevent headaches.
Find out the cause of sinus pain and treat accordingly.

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