Friday, April 29, 2011

Symptoms of Sinusitis

Symptoms of acute, sub-acute and chronic sinusitis are same, but the symptoms of chronic disorder are milder. Symptoms last up to 4 weeks in the case of acute disorder, 4-12 weeks in sub-acute and more than 12 weeks in chronic. Acute sinusitis is more painful than chronic that is uncomforting. Signs of the disease vary from patient to patient. Some may experience a few of the following symptoms while others have all the symptoms.

Common Symptoms

• A continuous feeling of being unwell.

• Low level of energy causes tiredness and weakness.

• Ability to smell reduces or is completely lost.

• Bad breath

• Blocked, congested or stuffy nose. It may be thus difficult to distinguish between sinusitis and simple nasal congestion associated with common cold that lasts between seven and fourteen days. However, acute sinusitis lasts longer.

• Chills and fever

• Itch in nose and eyes

• Pain is a common sign of sinusitis. Pain will be in the forehead if frontal sinuses are affected. Inflamed maxillary sinuses cause pain in teeth, especially upper jaw. If ethmoid sinuses are infected, eyelids and tissues surrounding the eyes may swell. Pain between the eyes may also occur. Infection of sphenoid sinuses causes earaches, neck pain and head aches. The patient may feel pain in the face on using an elevator or while bending forward.

• Some times patients suffer from postnasal drip, mucus secretion from the nose to the throat’s back. Thick nasal discharge of greenish, yellowish or white color is characteristic to acute sinusitis. Some times, it is blood tinged. Discharge during chronic sinusitis is thin and clear.

• Frequent throat cleaning is required.

• Sneezing

• Stubborn cough that generally worsens at night.

Less common Symptoms

• Face becomes tender. Sinusitis adds fullness to the face.

• Hoarse voice because of postnasal drip.

• Loss of taste

Sore throat • Some times, ear pops. Area behind the ear becomes tender and swells.

Rare symptoms

Acute sinusitis rarely causes some serious problems, such as brain infection.

• Vomiting is also uncommon.

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